Ayari, 2016.
Ayari, 2016.

fid thompson


I'm a writer, researcher, and visual artist with experience in human rights, gender, sexuality, public health and community development.  

I'm working to create a more just and diverse society, to listen better, to unlearn, and to seize opportunities to (re)wild landscapes, physical and emotional.  

Go to my linkedin page for details.  


Creatively, returning to a few old chestnuts - essays, poetry, and multimedia artwork. I recently finished a portrait project that explores and celebrates what it means to be Queer Enough.  

Yes to the hard slog of creative process, thoughtful collaborations, liberation for all people, asking the hard questions, making mistakes, beginning again, taking (tiny to medium) risks, and being gentle with self.  

Yes to the mad multiplicity of human stories, infinite narratives of creatures and the natural world. There is room for every one, let's work to make it so!  



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